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New research shows 0.6% of rape allegations are false.

and for those interested, you can find the report HERE

Just in case any dudebros are unclear on what this means: it means that your buddy who totally just had some bitch trying to ruin his life by accusing him of rape…almost certainly actually did rape her.  

Just keep that in mind.

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There is nothing worse than hearing people attempt to sound intelligent by using lengthy words and MISUSING THEM

I completely photosynthesize with this

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a few days ago bf told me that a couple years ago when he played counterstrike he would respond to dudes getting angry and aggressive and hostile by saying “a kissaroo from me to you” in a slightly goofy friendly voice sort of like the voice you’d associate with a dog muppet.  he said they would absolutely lose their shit every time, insisting things like “i dont want a kissaroo from you!  only tall blonde girls!”.  they always said kissaroo.  i cant stop thinking about this

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Hey everyone - the deadline to contribute your Anonymous Secrets is Thursday, October 30th! CONTRIBUTE HERE

EVERYONE: Reveal your secrets - anonymously - on the phantom account called “1secret” - Here’s how to log into the account:
Be sure to sign out of your personal account
Log in with the following Username & Password:
                - Username: 1secret
                - Password: 1secret
Please answer these questions in your Text Record:
What is your secret?
Who are you keeping this secret from?
Why are you keeping this a secret?
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the rich white boy is 100% scarier than the clown like honestly I’m not even making a white boy joke like this character is scaring me more than the damn clown

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never in my life did I think that toilet doors would make me so angry

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Game of Thrones s5 

I have so many questions and my first is WHAT THE FUCK
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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 “CHOICE,” presented by DORITOS®

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I need feminism; because the bra straps of a twelve year old shouldn’t make a 40 year old married principal with two daughters “uncomfortable”

So am I allowed to walk around adult women who are mothers and grandmothers at work with my cock out or what

in what world is someone’s dick equivalent to a fucking bra strap

when someones dick is so thin and small it looks like a bra strap.

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This got even funnier when I realized that to shoot it, essentially someone had to hurl a massive rat puppet at Cary Elwes.

My favorite thing is that he doesn’t telegraph it at all. He never tenses up, never flinches, just waits for the giant rat puppet being hurled through the air to take him down. Great performance.

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